How to access Ancient Technology

“Our greatest duty is to fulfill the great potential of the people around us. So whatever light you see in that person near you, your job is to cultivate that. We are responsible for each other’s greatness.”

—Baba Kilindi Iyi


Baba Kilindi Iyi proposed that Psilocybin containing mushrooms are the bearers of Ancient technology and the purpose of taking large doses is not to shine a light in the dark, but to grow accustomed to seeing in the dark.

While therapeutic doses of psychoactive mushrooms can be very useful for treating a range of conditions, massive doses of 15g to 50g of dried fungi will take us into the micro-verse, the infinitely and unmeasurably minute quantum realms. Within these realms, we access ancient technologies, much older than any plants.

Since spores can travel through space, there is no knowing where mushrooms originate. There are several theories relating to the advancement of humankind through the use of mushrooms and images of mushrooms are found in multitudes of Ancient civilizations, all over our blue planet. Mushrooms have been used for healing, treating pain, divination, PTSD and celebration.

These beautiful, powerful buttons can and often do lead to profound insights into our state of being.

Generally, the larger doses require a safe space with a sitter. Ceremonial use of Psilocybin is better with fewer people and not really ideal in massive groups. The experience is very individual and the energies of too many people can be overwhelming. Set and setting are always very important and making sure that one’s body is safe while one’s consciousness is otherwise occupied is important. Music is optional, depending on the intention of the ceremony.

For medicinal uses, the server is required to take a larger dose of the mushrooms than the person who requires the healing. 5g is usually a decent dose for healing. 10g and up are exploratory, investigative doses. Upwards of 30g is said to facilitate cellular regeneration. Brain repair and enhancement are definitely on the cards with these bad boys!!!

Typically, because of the legal status of Psilocybin mushrooms, it is tricky to find someone to facilitate ceremony.


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